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High-quality skin care

Revive tired, dull skin and eliminate fine lines by taking advantages of our premium skin care services. A licensed esthetician will complete a thorough examination and customize your treatment to meet your unique needs. New clients are always welcome, and flexible scheduling is available.

What you put on your skin is just as important as the food you eat. For that reason, we only use the finest skin care products. You're in good hands at Sun Care Now.

Know exactly what you're putting on your skin

Call us at 703-715-7070 or 571-723-8888 to learn more about our skin care services or to schedule an appointment.

• European Skin Care Treatment

• Rosacea Skin Care Treatment

• Combination Microdermabrasion, IPL, and cold laser treatments for acne

• Power Peel / Microdermabrasion


IPL and cold laser treatments effectively remove acne. They also increase collagen production, tone skin, and have anti-aging effects.

Skin care services:

Are you often depressed or anxious? Are you experiencing headaches or pain?


Aromatherapy can help you. We offer several aromatherapy treatments that are personalized to tackle emotional and physical pain.


We also offer sugaring services.

Aromatherapy treatment