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Effective and painless hair removal

Effortlessly remove unwanted body hair with our affordable sugaring treatment. Sugaring provides clients with smooth, flawless skin in just minutes! Sugaring is ideal for removing hair from small areas like the chin or for large areas like legs.

Sugaring is just that! A sticky paste made of sugar is applied to the skin. It attaches to hair but not to the skin. Unlike waxing, the process can be repeated every 8–10 days of hair growth.

What is sugaring?

To learn more about sugaring or to schedule an appointment, call us at

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• Pure, natural ingredients

• Not as hot as wax

• Easier to clean up than wax

• Won’t stick to skin

• Affordable

• Never dries on the skin

• Reduces hair shaft breakage

• More sanitary

• Extracts very short hairs

• Clients report permanent results over time

Sugaring is better than wax

• Female Brazilian bikini line

• Eyebrow design

• Arms

• Under arms

• Men’s back

• Men’s chest

• Lip

• Chin

• Full legs

• Half legs

Sugaring services: